Derquinse Bocas is a Java and REST API to access key-value repositories with the content-addressed storage constraint. That is, the key must be a hash of the value.

There are the kinds of implementations of the API:
  • Back ends, which provide implementations based on real storage engines.
  • Transformers, which intercepts API calls providing additional functionality.
  • Adaptors, which bridge the Java and REST APIs.
The API contains both single-entry and bulk operations. The provided adaptors support bulk operations in order to reduce the number of potentially remote calls.
The current version, described is this site, is 1.2.3, released on Aug 31st, 2014. In it, the following implementations are provided:
The current roadmap include additional back-ends (an internal one, based on a write-ahead log, Voldemort, Amazon S3, etc.) as well as many transformers, and, above all, documentation.

Continuous integration support is kindly provided by CloudBees under its FOSS Program. You can visit the Jenkins instance at https://derquinse.ci.cloudbees.com.

Derquinse Bocas is built using Maven and distributed via the Maven Central Repository, using the net.derquinse.bocas group id. The artifacts are:
For more information please visit the Google+ Page, the project site and the API documentation.

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